Atlanta Sax All-Stars

If there was any doubt,  “Atlanta Saxophone All-Stars” announces that Atlanta competes in the realm of world-class jazz saxophonists.  Four fabulous and highly individual musicians are featured here with names that will soon be of the household variety: Gary Harris, Brian Hogans, Mace Hibbard, and Sam Skelton. 

Limiting this disc to only four saxophonists was a necessity.  Adding more would mean glossing over great musicians without adequate representation.  But let the record show that more phenomenal saxophonists abound in Atlanta—all leaders in their own rights, all killin’. 

The All-stars are joined by an A-list local rhythm section while Johnny O'Neal rounds out the offering with his special brand of keyboard creativity on 5 of the tunes.

PLAYERS:  Gary Harris (tenor), Mace Hibbard (alto), Brian Hogans (alto), Sam Skelton (tenor and alto), Johnny O'Neal (piano), Louis Heriveaux (piano), Kinah Boto (drums), Robert Dickson (bass)

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