Piccolo Flag, take down version

Moisture in a piccolo can and will cause problems in the instrument's playing characteristics.

  • Dry out that piccolo without removing the head joint and with no need to change the head joint location/adjustment.
  • Simply insert the flag while twisting into the bottom of your piccolo and give it an additional twist or two, remove and the task is done!
  • The man-made fabric is soft and very absorbent.
  • Even the cork face is wiped dry!
  • In the middle of a performance, nothing could be quicker or easier to use.
  • Now all Piccolo Flag Swab handles are made of carbon fiber composite material.
  • Available in these COLORS; black, navy blue, royal (medium) blue, red, leopard print (piccolo Take-Down swabs only). Darker colors show dirt accumulation the least.   The Flag swabs can and should be washed. Washing instructions can be found on the Flute Flag Swab Information page.  The Flag swabs are most effective when they are clean.  Even new swabs will benefit from an initial washing.


$40.00 USD


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  • Piccolo Flag, take down version