Vandoren Saxophone Optimum Series Mouthpieces

The Optimum series is designed to be more free-blowing and responsive with accurate articulation, precise intonation, and total control at all dynamic ranges. The Optimum series sets a new standard in classical saxophone mouthpieces.
With its exceptional roundness, the ultimate classical mouthpiece. Ligature and cap sold separately.


Vandoren Optimum Series Mouthpieces are available in the following sizes. 

Soprano Saxophone Optimum Mouthpieces; SL3, SL4

Alto Saxophone Optimum Mouthpieces; AL3, AL4

Tenor Saxophone Optimum Mouthpieces; TL3, TL4

Baritone Saxophone Optimum Mouthpieces; BL3, BL4

$214.99 USD

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