Vandoren Saxophone V16 Series Mouthpieces

The V16 series is designed to create the depth, power and fullness of sounds that today's musicians crave while providing all the pitch and articulation accuracy that modern players have come to expect. With the V16, you can set the standard for the next generation.
The tip opening preferred by history's greatest jazz soloists. Two chamber options. Ligature and cap sold separately.
V16 Series Mouthpieces are available in the following sizes. 
Soprano Saxophone V16; S6, S7, S8.
Alto Saxophone V16 - Medium Chamber; A5M, A6M, A7M, A8M, A9M.
Alto Saxophone V16 - Small Chamber; A5S, A6S, A7S, A8S, A9S.
Tenor Saxophone V16 - Hard Rubber (Ebonite); T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11.
Tenor Saxophone V16 - Metal; T45, T55, T75, T77, T95.
Baritone Saxophone V16 - Hard Rubber (Ebonite); B5, B7, B9.

$214.99 USD

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