Vandoren Saxophone V5 Series Mouthpieces

The V5 series is designed to produce a full, round and centered sound with solid articulation. These mouthpieces are designed with flexibility in mind so you can have the freedom to create.
Ideal classical mouthpiece. It produces optimal homogeneity in tone throughout the instrument's range. Ligature and cap sold separately.

V5 Series Mouthpieces are available in the following sizes.
Soprano Saxophone V5 Series; S15, S25, S35, S27
Alto Saxophone V5 Series; A15, A20, A25, A27, A35, A45, A55, A17, A28
Tenor Saxophone V5 Series; T15, T20, T25, T35, T27
Baritone Saxophone V5 Series; B25, B35, B75, B95, B27

$214.99 USD

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